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Useful Chamber is a compelling visual music ensemble based in New York City.  From film music to live concerts, Useful Chamber brings together a world of styles and multiple sensory atmospheres.

Useful Chamber's debut album and short film "A Dream Within A Dream" features the music of Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Phillip Glass, Gustav Mahler, Claude Debussy, Elliot Cole, Leila Adu, and Brandon Ridenour. These pieces are woven together just as dreams often flow from one to the next. Ridenour's writing has been described by the New York Times as a "musically omnivorous soundscape" and "full-blooded, atmospheric arrangements".


The musicians who play in Useful Chamber have worked with an impressive variety of artists/ensembles, including Paul Simon, Sufjan Stevens, Ben Folds, the National, Mumford and Sons, the New York Philharmonic, The Knights, the International Contemporary Ensemble (ICE), Dirty Projectors, Beirut, Arcade Fire, Jon Adams, the Canadian Brass, Yo-Yo Ma, Bela Fleck.... you get the idea.

Flute: Alex Sopp, Jessica Han

Oboe: Carl Oswald, Arthur Sato

Clarinet: Alicia Lee, Nick Gallas

Bassoon: Damian Primus


Horn: Leelanee Sterrett, Eric Reed, David Byrd-Marrow

Trumpet: Jason Covey

Trombone: Dave Nelson


Violin: Ben Russell, Pala Garcia

Viola: Nathan Schram

Cello: Hamilton Berry

Bass: Kris Saebo


Piano: Rachel Kudo, Brandon Ridenour


Percussion: Michael Caterisano

Composers: Leila Adu, Elliot Cole, Brandon Ridenour

usefulCHAMBER was formed in 2014 its projects are curated and directed by Brandon Ridenour.  


photo by Duane Harper Grant

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